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Cardio Notes: Morphine Weakens Clopidogrel

The purpose of the program is to ease the transition from the hospital to home for patients admitted with MI or heart failure and to prevent readmissions. At participating centers, a team consisting of nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and others will help patients manage the issues that arise shortly after a major cardiovascular event. Eleven hospitals -- http://www.willsforheroes.net/2013/11/page/7 "chosen because of their commitment to quality demonstrated by participation in the National Cardiovascular hyperlink Data Registry and Hospital to Home program," according to an ACC press release -- have been brought on board so far, and the plan is to have a total of 35 participating centers by the end of 2015. The effort comes in response to increased penalties levied by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for excessive readmission rates. Trouble Buying Food Might Hike Heart Risk Difficulty affording food might be a sign of poor cardiovascular outcomes to come, according to a study in Preventing Chronic Disease . Food security -- a blog url measure of the ability to afford food -- has been associated with some cardiovascular risk factors in prior studies, although there is little information about its relationship with overall cardiovascular risk.
Full story: http://www.medpagetoday.com/Cardiology/MyocardialInfarction/43312

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