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Workouts Of The Week - Boredom Busters

You won't even have time to get bored, trust me. Mixed Interval Workout - I really like this one because it includes a great mix of intensities. Some blocks focus on longer endurance segments, while others offer workout short, high intensity intervals. Plus, you can do this on any machine you like! You're welcome. Tabata Strength Workout - What I Max Workout love about Tabata training ...well, 'love' is a rather strong word. Let's say, what I find interesting about Tabata training is that the high intensity intervals are only 20 seconds long. Of course, you have to repeat that at their website least 8 times, so it's not easy, but 20 seconds is the longest period of time you'll have to exercise during the entire workout.
Source: http://exercise.about.com/b/2014/01/21/workouts-of-the-week-boredom-busters.htm

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