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Fq Test: The Ideal Fitness Gauge

today at Xavier School grounds. Ed) (Conclusion) What is the basis for the scoring system? A Pretest was done and the highest and the lowest 25 percent of scores per station were eliminated. The mean of the remaining 50 percent was then obtained (Peak Form kept tabs of the top and bottom numbers of the surviving 50 percent). Point equivalents were then added or subtracted for each repetition above or below the mean. The participant Shin Ohtake review with the highest total score is crowned the fittest athlete, similar to being the valedictorian. The top marks per station will also be noted, like being best in Math or English. Once all the figures are in, we will be able to classify them into categories ranging from hanep (meaning elite), astig (above average), puwede na (average), pasang awa (below average) and lampa (poor). visit homepage
Source: http://sports.inquirer.net/142647/fq-test-the-ideal-fitness-gauge-2

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