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Cardinals Plan To Exercise Patrick Peterson's Option

peterson The Cardinals decision to pick up the option was expected, because it allows them to keep an elite player under contract and gives the team leverage in negotiations for an extension. With two years remaining on his rookie deal, and the threat of a franchise tag, the Cardinals could retain Peterson's rights through 2016. The team does pay a toll if it follows that road. The $10 million salary in 2015 becomes fully guaranteed at the start of the season. This year, the franchise number for cornerbacks is nearly $12 million and it will increase a year from now. That salary is guaranteed also, and both represent significant charges to the salary cap. Cardinals first draft picks since 1954: Take a look at the Cardinals' first draft picks in each season going back to 1954 (Round selected other than first in parentheses) - 2013: Jonathan Cooper, OL, North Carolina (Photo: Associated Press) 2012: Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame (Photo: Mark Henle/azcentral sports) 2011: Patrick Peterson, DB, LSU (Photo: best site Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE) 2010: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee (Photo: Charlie Leight/azcentral sports) 2009: Beanie Wells, RB, Ohio St. (Photo: David Wallace/azcentral sports) 2008: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, DB, Tennessee St. (Photo: Cheryl Evans/azcentral sports) 2007: Levi Brown, OT, Penn St. (Photo: David Kadlubowski/azcentral sports) 2006: Matt Leinart, QB, Southern Cal (Photo: David Wallace/azcentral sports) 2005: Antrel Rolle, DB, Miami (Photo: Tim Koors/azcentral sports) 2004: Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh (Photo: Cori Takemoto Williams/azcentral sports) 2003: Bryant Johnson, WR, Penn St. (Photo: Mark Henle/azcentral sports) 2002: Wendell Bryant, DT, Wisconsin (Photo: Tim Koors/azcentral sports) 2001: Leonard Davis, OT, Texas (Photo: Emmanuel Lozano/azcentral sports) 2000: Thomas Jones, RB, Virginia (right) (Photo: Sherrie Buzby/azcentral sports) 1999: David Boston, WR, Ohio St. (Photo: Mona Reeder/azcentral sports) 1998: Andre Wadsworth, DE, Florida St. (Photo: Paul F. Gero/azcentral sports) 1997: Tom Knight, DB, Iowa (Photo: Randy Reid/azcentral sports) 1996: Simeon Rice, DE, Illinois (Photo: Dave Cruz/azcentral sports) 1995: Frank Sanders, WR (2), Auburn (Photo: Michael Chow/azcentral sports) 1994: Jamir Miller, LB, UCLA (Photo: Dave Cruz/azcentral sports) 1993: Garrison Hearst, RB, Georgia (Photo: Paul F. Gero/azcentral sports) 1992: Tony Sacca, QB, Penn St. (Photo: Gary Newkirk/Getty Images) 1991: Eric Swann, DE, No College (Photo: Dave Cruz/azcentral sports) 1990: Anthony Thompson, RB (2), Indiana (Photo: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images) 1989: Eric Hill, LB, LSU (Photo: Michael Ging/azcentral sports) 1988: Ken Harvey, LB, California (Photo: Tim Koors/azcentral sports) 1987: Kelly go Stouffer, QB, Colorado St. (Photo: Getty Images) 1986: Anthony Bell, LB, Michigan St. (Photo: File photo) 1985: Freddie Joe Nunn, LB, Mississippi (Photo: Getty Images) 1984: Clyde Duncan, WR, Tennessee (Photo: File photo) 1983: Leonard Smith, DB, McNeese St. (Photo: George Rose/Getty Images) 1982: Luis Sharpe, T, UCLA (Photo: George Rose/Getty Images) 1981: E.J.
Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/nfl/cardinals/2014/03/25/cardinals-plan-to-exercise-patrick-peterson-option/6882831/

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